The Cat Fanciers’ Association, CFA, is the World’s largest registry of pedigreed cats. CFA currently recognizes 40+ pedigreed breeds for Championship status. Each of those breeds is unique with its own identifying characteristics, history, traditions and traits. Each breed also has a Breed Council with is comprised of individuals who have individual experience in their specific breed and are charged with communicating the needs of their breed through the elected breed Council Secretary to the CFA Board. The CFA Breed Councils were established to act primarily as an advisory board to the CFA Board on CFA Breed Standards. This includes issues regarding showing, registration and the breed standard itself.

Eligibility requirements, the procedures for submitting proposed amendments to the CFA Board and a description of the history of the Breed Councils in CFA and their objectives can be found at http://cfa.org/client/breedcouncilindex.aspx

Please note – It has come to our attention that there are a number of people who are advertising native cats from Egypt for sale as Egyptian Maus. Although CFA will register descendants from imports from Egypt, they do not accept or recognize cats that have not been proven over generations. The breed Egyptian Mau is accepted in most registries. Unless the kitten is registered or registerable in one of the major registries and can trace its lineage through a pedigree it is not, in truth considered an Egyptian Mau. Please keep this in mind when looking for a kitten.